Singapore 60's

The Internet audience, who has surfed onto this site, may be wondering why the folks here are so passionate about what is referred here as Singapore 60's Pop Music. They may ask, what's so special about these pop songs from the 1960's? Well, friends, since you so kindly asked, let me see if I can give you a little explanation.

To us folks here who grew up in Singapore listening to these pop songs in the 1960's, this genre was the soundtrack of our generation. Most of us were teenagers then, and we lived and breathed this local music during a time in our lives when we, just like the rest of the world then, were being bombarded by the lifestyles and music of the Western world. We're talking Cliff Richard and The Shadows, The Beatles, the British Invasion, and also the many great American artistes. Our own local artistes brought something extra to our table. We could not help but be very proud of our own hometown heroes because they proved themselves totally capable of ruling the radio airwaves with the best of the Western world. The Crescendos, The Sundowners, The Quests, The Trailers, Naomi & The Boys, The Jets, The Cyclones, The Thunderbirds, and the list goes on and on.

Now, some friends from the Internet may say that our local singers and bands covered the Western hits a bit too much, that they were essentially copycats. That's not entirely true. Even though it may appear that way on the surface, the heart of the matter is that the Western world introduced to us teenagers a new medium of communication - pop music - and the local artistes quickly proved that they could speak the new language as well as the people who taught us the language. Besides, there were plenty of original made-in-Singapore compositions that became hits.

Along with much of the Far East, Singapore had also suffered horribly during World War II and the Japanese Occupation. After the war ended, and normal life had to be rebuilt, she saw her own post-war baby boom in the late 1940's and early 1950's. It was a very loud boom. And by the 1960's these baby boomers in Singapore were teenagers.The war had changed the world. It had become smaller, so to speak, what with newspapers, radio and television bringing us all together and opening our eyes. The first wave of Singapore baby boomers soaked in the Western influences as hungrily as a sponge absorbs water. The mass media taught us that we had the same rights as any other citizens of this world to claim our fair share of liberty and justice and prosperity for all. There was no stopping us now.

We baby boomers in Singapore in the 1960s also wanted what the teenagers in America and Europe wanted, a better life than what our parents had when they were young.Looking back, the world in the 1960's was ripe and ready to be conquered by Western artistes like Cliff Richard and The Beatles. Their pop music symbolized the new life, the good life, and we all wanted a part of it. We were young, our future was ahead of us, we didn't have to worry about paying the bills, that's for our parents to worry about.

Many new countries in the Far East, including Singapore and Malaysia, became newly-independent in the early 60's, another sure sign that the world was changing rapidly as we left the colonial days behind. We all wanted to break free of many of the old traditions that were holding us back in terms of enjoying life to the fullest. Each new country was striving to instill national pride among their own citizens, especially their young schoolchildren.Fast forward forty years to today. The folks who were teenagers in Singapore in the 1960's are now in their 50's and early 60's. So much has happened in all our individual lives the last four decades, so many memories.

Memories of people, memories of places, memories of events. Some of our loved ones have left us, some of our childhood friends we have not seen in years.One of the best things that can trigger good memories for us instantly is these pop songs from our childhood. That's why to us these are not just pop songs from forty years that come and go casually. Forget musicology. Forget music styles. These songs are truly the soundtrack of our lives.A big thank you to all our local heroes of Singapore 60's Pop Music. You guys were the absolute best, and you have our eternal gratitude and devotion.

To our new Internet friends, thank you for visiting. I hope I have shared in a small way with you why we are such long-time die-hard fans of Singapore 60's Pop Music. For us to deny this music now is to deny our own childhood, our own past, and we cannot do that. - Joe Wu, Seattle WA USA.


Made In Singapore

Picked up this album of local artistes in 1987. The compilation of songs include In A Small Way (Jacintha, Clement, Li Huan & Robert Fernando), The Wedding Song (Angeline), Within You'll Remain (Tokyo Square), One Chance (Lolita), Rejuvenation (Urazea), Roses (Gingerbread), Cold In Buriram (Zircon Lounge), On And On (Jacintha), Love In Any Language (Angeline), Love One Another (Onesimus Principle), Funny (Streetsmart), Rose Rose I Love You (Dick Lee), Only The Lonely (Matthew Tan) and We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Hangloose).


Bryan Neale & The Checkmates

Bryan Neale & The Checkmates recorded an EP with songs that include Mojo, She, Enchanted Girl and Man Hunter.

Tracy With Tony

Tracy Huang and Tony (of Tony, Terry with Spencer fame), recorded an album together titled "Weekend" with songs that include Will You Remember Me, January February, Him, Can't Get By Without You, You've Lost That Loving Feeling, Shooting Star, Suddenly, Elusive Butterfly, Devoted To You, Woman In Love and the title song Weekend.

Fu Suyin

Fu Suyin aka Henry Fu, was one of the pioneers among the Mandarin pop idols during the 60s. He was also instrumental in promoting Mandarin pops for EMI Singapore that produces A-Go-Go Queens like Rita Chao and Sakura Teng. Suyin himself was a very popular singer who recorded several albums with The Quests. Some of his recordings include Ramona, Green Green Grass Of Home, Love At First Sight, Lady Jane, Fraulein, Greenfields, You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, House Of The Rising Sun, Portrait Of My love, Yesterday, First Bend Of The River, Summer Wine, among others.

Talk Of The Town - Rita & Sakura

Rita Chao and Sakura Teng recorded several albums together, with The Quests. Their first was Talk Of The Town which also featured keyboard masetro Jimmy Chan in the Quests line-up for the first time. The album offers a mix of English, Mandarin and even Japanese songs. Some of the titles include Say Yes My Boy, Honemade Aishite, Crying In The Storm, Itsemademo, Yellow Bird, Love Is Blue, She Wears My Ring, Tell The Boys, and others.


Rainbow Over Mocambo

This marvellous piece of artwork was designed and painted by Mr. HJ Teo, one of the biggest Quests fans in Singapore. It was his way of paying tribute to one of the best local groups from the 60s. The song titles of all their past recordings are included in the artwork. It took HJ about 6 months to complete the job. The original intent was to include it in the CD sleeve of Recollecting The Quests, Vol.2 album but was missed out because of scheduling constraints.

Also missing out on a suitable title for this neat piece of artwork, we were fortunate that fellow fan, Ms Rachael Anne-Tan appropriately suggested "Rainbow Over Mocambo- The Journey of The Quests." Apart from reminding us of their successive hit recordings during the 60s, the artwork also gives us a sense of passage for the boys from the early days of Shanty, Tea Break, Gallopin', Come On And Shout, You Lied...to their "ConQuest" of Hong Kong with Mr. Rainbow, La La La Means I Love You, Sayonara and more, at the Mocambo Night Club.


Keeper Of Classics

Music fan Vernon Cheong has fond memories of the now- defunct Capitol Theatre, just steps away from the cafe in Capitol Building, where this interview took place. It isn't classic films that he reminisces over, but local English language bands like The Quests, that would hit the theatre's stage on Sunday mornings back in the 1960s. "Those performances, held at the Capitol and Odean cinemas, would start at 9 am and end usually by 11 am" said the 56-year old airline operations manager, who is married with two daughters in their 20s. "I remember paying $2 to get in." Over the years, Mr. Cheong has amassed an impressive collection of 1960s and 1970s Singapore music in vinyl records that even music company EMI Singapore had to tap into when they were compiling local golden oldies into CDs.

Recollecting Singapore 60s, launched just before Christmas last year, and its Volume Two, which was released last month, contain popular 1960s hits by local bands like The Quests, The Blackjacks, The Straydogs, as well as a sprinkling of more recent tracks, like songs by Tania and Sarah Chen . According to an EMI spokesman, many master tapes of such recordings were misplaced over time after office moves, so the songs were mostly transferred from selected albums and singles that Mr Cheong has recommended from his library of approximately 200 discs of local music.

The tracks were then digitally enhanced to ensure sound clarity, though Mr Cheong pointed out that most aficionados wouldn't mind an occasional vinyl pop or hiss in their bid to secure these rare recordings. "I'm not paid for the loan of my records." he admitted. "The main motivation for my participation in this project is to share my collection with music lovers of my generation and to preserve it for generations to come." The O level graduate had saved his pocket money while studying at Beatty Secondary School and later used his pay from National Service to splurge on singles and albums priced at $2 and $10 respectively. "In those days, there was a fair mix of local and foreign bands being played on radio." he said. "Local bands were also frequently invited to appear in variety shows on television, with regular gigs performed at the Singapore Badminton Hall and National Theatre." He added " After the British withdrew their military forces from Singapore and an influx of Filipino bands entered the night scene, local music began to show its decline during the mid-1970s."

In his spare time, Mr Cheong manages an MSN group called Recollecting The Quests, an online forum dedicated to his favourite band. On the forum, members wax lyrical over recent retro concerts or the latest sightings of Quests members like Vernon Cornelius and Reggie Verghese. He no longer keeps taps on the pop scene now, he confessed, chuckling that he is too entrenched in music hailing from his formative years." The best music is what you grow up with," he said. "Hopefully, our current generation can also appreciate that fact that good local music was produced and supported in the 1960s."

- An article featured in the Straits Times by Yong Shu Hoong.


Reg Guitar

This man needs no introduction, Reginald Verghese ! Better known as the lead guitarist of The Quests, Reg is often referred to as the Guitar Guru of Singapore. In addition, Reg was a very successful record producer of EMI Singspore during the 70s and a talented composer who penned several Quests recordings that include Come On And Shout, Love Has Gone, The Man From Madrid, Dum Dum, I'm On Top Of The World (with Keith Locke), Instrumentally Western, A World Of Tomorrows, Gallopin', I'm Feelin' Good, Champagne and You Are Standing By Me. After The Quests disbanded upon their return from Hong Kong, Reg recorded a series of 8 albums on his own, featuring instrumental hits from both the Western and Eastern pop scene. Thank you for the music, Mr. Guitar Man !


Diamonds Are Forever

This box-set of 4-CD compilation was released by Universal Music in Hong Kong in 2006. There are a total of 76 tracks featuring the best of Hong Kong pops from the 60s era. Some of the groups and artistes that contributed to this great CD package included Kong Ling, The Fabulous Echoes, Marilyn Palmer, Rowena, Teddy Robin & The Playboys, Danny Diaz & The Checkmates, The Zoundcrackers, The Lotus, Joe Jr & The Side Effects, The Mystics, Anders Nelson & The Inspiration, D'Topnotes, Mod East, The Menace, The Magic Carpet, The Living Set, Mike Souza, Michael Remedios, Deanie Ip, among others.


A Postcard From Hong Kong

Dear Loving Fans,
We are on our way back. Hong Kong is nice but as the Beatles said it "Get back to where you belonged..." That's what we are doing. And by the way, prior to our departure we recorded a groovy EP. Though we know the kind of music you go for, we still had quite a hard time picking out the real cool ones from our ever-expanding repertoire. See, we couldn't let you down. So don't let us down fans. Get your copies !
Fond Love,
The Quests

Music Makers

Music Makers, a compilation album of EMI artistes from the 60s. Produced by guitar guru Reggie Verghese, this album included contributions by The Quests (Hawaii Five-O, Memphis Street, Love At First Sight, When The Clock Strikes Twelve), Anita Sarawak (Baby It's You, Conversations), The Jetliners (Baby, Think), Sugiman (Adios Amour, If You Go Away), Rita & Sakura (Bala Bala) and Irene Ryder (I'll Never Fall In Love Again).


The Stylers

The Stylers, one of the most popular instrumental groups from the 60s , started out as The Angels in their early days and recorded their first Mandarin EP with a singer by the name of Maggie in 1962 under Miracle Records. Since then, led by the versatile John Teo, the group had came a long way and recorded several Mandarin instrumental albums, including some vocal ones in English and Hokkien as well. They were one of the few groups that had their own recording company over the years.

They were so popular during the 60s that their music accompaniment were much sort after by top artistes like Chang Siow Ying, Lena Lim, Wang Ching Yeng, Rita Chao, Sakura Teng, Suyin, Chopsticks Sisters, Ming Choo Sisters, Wu Kang, Yuli, Loong Piau Piau, Xie Cai Yin, Kok Peng Keen, Ervinna, Jenny Tseng, Rahimah Rahim and many others, when they recorded their respective albums.

The original Stylers were John Teo (lead guitar) Randy Lee Keng (rhythm guitar) Frankie (bassist) and Osman (drummer). Later, when Frankie and Osman left the group, they were replaced by Douglas Tan (bassist) and Alvin Wong (drummer).

The photo featured above was taken at the Victoria Memorial Hall. Standing from left to right, Robert Song and John Teo and seated from left to right, Alvin Wong, Douglas Tan and Randy Lee. Stylers music is still available on CDs today, check it out at Chinatown. Most members of the group are still active in the music scene today.


Elisa Chan

"Music is the key to my life, it opens up my heart and soul, it reveals my deepest emotions. It helps me to achieve my goals, it extends my imaginations & fantasies in different dimensions and of course, to understand what passion is all about. As a singer, my ultimate satisfaction is to share music with other music lovers or musicians through sensational melodies, lyrics and wonderful arrangements. This feeling is so strong and unique that often brings me joy and heart breaks. Throughout my singing career, I've encountered and performed so many unforgettable songs that were written by musical talents all over the world. Most of them remained deep in my heart and became part of my life (and in the future, I know there is more to come!). To perform some of these masterpieces again, is not only a dream come true, it also makes me feel proud and privileged because I am able to do it with some of Hong Kong's best musicians whom I admire with all respect. Yes, music has helped me to realise nothing is impossible, do it with your heart, do it with passion, someday, you can make your dreams come true. Thank you for sharing this dream and journey with me" - Elisa Chan, from the album "IMPOSSIBLE".

The tracklist included Time (Clock of the Heart), Out Here On My Own, Betcha By Golly Now, Within' You'll Remain, Ain't No Sunshine, All In Love Is Fair, And I Love Her, Got To Get You Into My Life, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, A Song For You and You've Got A Friend. The great Tokyo Square hit "Within You'll Remain" was composed by Donald Ashley and P. Wong. On this album, she and Donald Ashley did a duet of the song.


Lani Misalucha

Lani Misalucha, Asia's Singing Sensation - She never planned to be a professional singer, she simply loves to sing, and boy, can she sing! With the voice of an angel cascading up and down the scales like a roller coaster, a full five octaves of heavenly music, full throated, full chested and fully seasoned, she can sing a song as few others can.

Most people seek the dream of being great singers. But for Lani Misalucha, it is the dream itself that seeks her. Born into a musical family, with parents who are operatic singers, Lani grew up immersed in song, with siblings similarly endowed with wonderful vocies. Through the years, Lani has expanded her musical horizons to various genres and styles, and developed a dynamic versatility. She can easily shift from ballad to pop rock and even jazz. She may even surprise you with a sudden burst of operatic aria in a seasoned soprano voice.

Named Philippines Entertainer of the Year 2002, Lani has attracted a huge following all over Asia, Europe and Amercia. She is one of the few artiste in Manila who has shared the stage with international singing stars, Kenny Loggins and popular R & B artiste, Brian McKnight. For many, Lani Misalucha is a tender and soothing voice that caresses your soul, a dynamic voice in inspiring crescendo to uplift your spirit, a lovely voice that sings of moonlight and roses and love eternal - you can find all these and more in Lani Misalucha. - Rose Cheeks Entertainment Group, Inc.

Teddy Robin & The Playboys

One of the most popular local groups in Hong Kong during the 60s. They were probably Hong Kong's answer to The Quests of Singapore. The group released 4 albums, one double album, and several SPs from 1965 to 1969.Their music ranged from 60s pop, beat, garage, fuzz-punk and psychedelia. A compilation of some of their hits was lately released on a CD titled "The IN Sounds of Hong Kong". The comprehensive track list included The In-Place, Crying In The Rain, Don't Throw Your Love Away, Norman's Fancy, Don't Go Out In The Rain, Language Of Love, Zee Pa De Do Da, Fever, Don't Try To Love Somebody Like Me, In September, Sands Of Time, I Dreamed Of You Last Last, Don't Make My Baby Blue, She's Rather Be With Me, What'd You Say, We Can't Go On This Way, Come On Down To My Boat, Move It, Carousel, You'd Better Cry, Magic Colours and Take My Life.

The Brown Boys

The Brown Boys, another one of those Pinoy groups that made an impact on the local music scene during the 60s. They recorded with EMI Singapore featuring titles like Goin' Out Of My Head, Give Me A Little Sign, among others.

Tracy Huang

Tracy Huang, another popular female artiste in the region. She recorded several albums with EMI Singapore and most of these were produced by guitar Guru Reggie Verghese of The Quests. Several of her albums are available on CD.

Anita Sarawak

Anita Sarawak, this lady needs no introduction. Her popularity extends beyond the shores of Singapore to other countries in the region and even to Las Vegas, USA. A compilation of most of her evergreen hits were recently released on a 3-CD package. The tracklist included The Way I Feel Tonight, Don't Leave Me This Way, Dancing in The City, I Wanna Be Where You Are, Copacabana, Somewhere In The Night, Right Time Of The Night, Sophisticated Lady, Smile, The Other Side Of Me, Magic, Wild Thing, You're My World, among others. There is a total of 51 tracks on this package. Another collector's item not to be missed out.

Matthew & The Mandarins

One of the most popular country and western group in Singapore. Two of their greatest hits were Singapore Cowboy and Let's Put The Sing In Singapore, both original compositions by Matthew Tan and Bristow Hopper. A compilation of most of their hits were released on CD in 1992 that included titles like Broken Lady, Lucille, Daytime Friends, That'll Be The Day, A Legend In My Time, The City Of New Orleans, Love Or Something Like That, I Can Almost See Houston From Here, Honky Tonk Downstairs, Stranger, Movin' On, Margaritaville, It Was Almost Like A Song, Lovesick Blues, Play Born To Lose Again, The Last Farewell, Get Down Country Music and I Really Don't Want To Know.
In 1990, Matthew also released a CD titled "Looking For A Dream", recorded at the Hilltop Studios, Nashville , Tennessee. The tracklist included Looking For A Dream, Darling Take Care Of Yourself, Jamestown Ferry, Don't Touch Me, I'm A Lonesome Fugitive, A Letter To Daddy, Fraulein, Make The World Go Away, The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp, Darlin', Even The Bad Times Are Good and Ricky Top.


Legends Of The Golden Venus

Talk to any Singaporean who had a band in the 60's and you'll get a story or two about the Golden Venus, a now defunct nightclub once run by the Orchard Hotel. Every Sunday, the Venus hosted its "Beat & Blues Sessions", where you could find some of Singapore's best rock'n'roll and R&B bands ever, including The Checkmates, The Straydogs, Pests Infested, Barbed Wire, Fried Ice, and High Ground.

These bands pioneered the 60's entertainment scene, blazing a trail of exciting music that drew from the British invasion, Woodstock, Motown, and the folk/ blues revival. The path widened as later generation bands like Heritage, IGTA, and Calcutta Blues Experiment ventured into jazz-fusion, reggae, and rockabilly blues respectively. In legends of the Golden Venus, Joseph C. Pereira presents a fascinating collection of interviews, commentaries, and photographs that chronicles a lost era of Singaporean music history.
This is the first documentary book to recognise the unsung heroes who gave Singaporeans their first taste of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. Their story covers three decades of rocking and rolling, hit records and dud records, breakups and reunions, shindigs and stadium shows, playing at home and abroad. This is history, music and nostalgia with the amplifier cranked to 10. - Joseph C. Pereira.


The October Cherries

During the late 60s and early 70s, The October Cherries were one of the most innovative local groups in Singapore and Malaysia. They have about 20 albums to their credit. They started their recording career as The Surfers, and branched out on their own as the October Cherries and Jade & Pepper in the later years.

A compilation of some of their previous hits were released on CD in 1995. It included titles like Something I Like About You, Coffee Toffee Squares, Don't Tell It To Jane, Far Away Now, Cu Cu Cu Choo, I'll Wait, All Alone Like The Deep & Lonely Sea, Felicia-Flowers For Your Grave, I Love Suzie, All Things Work Together For Good To Them That Love God, Butterfly, Please Love Me, Beautiful Sunday, Chingay, Can't Stand The Pace, I Wanna Be Loved By You, This Is A Love Song and Bad Trip. A "must-buy" for all their fans.

The Surfers

The Surfers, later known as The October Cherries, recorded three EPs under EMI Columbia. The tracks included Hooray For Hazel, Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet, Hey Jude, Honey, Mony Mony, Answer Me, Bad Moon Rising, Gotto Get A Message To You, In The Year 2525, By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Love Me Do and The Mule.
The group also accompanied other artists like Asha Puthli and Rita Chao on some of their recordings.

Agnes Chan

Remember Agnes Chan, the little girl from Hong Kong ? A compliation of some of her past recordings were released on CD with popular folk songs that included her greatest hit, Circle Game. Other tracks were Devoted To You, Nobody's Child, Day Is Done, You've Got A Friend, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Mother Of Mine, Killing Me Softly With His Song, It Never Rains In Southern California, For All We Know, Rose Garden, Turn Around, Without You, Follow Me, Sweet Dreams, If You Love Me, Let Me Be There and Top Of The World.


Chris Vadham

Chris Vadham of The Western Union Band, released two CDs in 1994 and 1997, featuring some of the greatest WUB's hits plus a few new original compositions of his own.
The first CD album included Sausalito, Comes A Day, Remember Me, Somewhere In Between, Paper Roses Paper Dreams, I Need You To Turn To, When You Said Goodbye, Olivia, Keep Me In Your Heart, Don't Look Back, Father Mother Son and All The Young Dudes.
The second album included I Want You To Want Me, Arms Of Mary, Questions, New York Mining Disasters 1941, Howzat, Come Tomorrow, Glass Of Champagne, January, Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone, The Pied Piper, Down By The River, Baby Come Back and sailing Home To You. Both were great albums that gave many hours of listening pleasure. Thanks for the memories, Chris.

Anneke Gronloh

From her very first single Asmara that reached the top of the charts in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia in 1960, Anneke has been a constant and prominent factor in the international world of pop music. During the 60s, she was Holland's most successful singer, collecting more gold records and No. 1 hits than anyone else has ever done. The rest of Europe soon followed and the Far East....well they had already known Anneke's great talents before the Dutch.
Some of her greatest hits over the years included Buka Pintu, Nina Bobo, Papa Dja, Boeroeng Kaka, Bengawan Solo, Widuri, Mak Inang, O Ina Ni Keke, Oh Malaysia, among many others.

The Blue Diamonds

The Blue Diamonds were two brothers Ruud and Riem de Wolff. They were born in Indonesia and moved to the Netherlands in 1949. Their break came in 1959 with the single "Till I Kiss You". They covered many Everly Brothers' songs, but they became very famous with an up tempo version of a musical song, "Ramona", originally sang by Dolores del Rio. The song topped the hits charts in Belgium, Norway and Germany. A Spanish version was released later and also became a big hit in Mexico and Spain. Their popularity gradually spreaded to the S.E. Asia region.
Some of their greatest hits over the years included Near You, Mona Lisa, All Of Me, Jealousy, Baby Face, Always, Margie, Sukiyaki, Pagan Love Song, Little Ship, Cathy's Clown, Rio Nights, Let It Be Me, Save The Last Dance For Me, among many others.

Sarah Chen

Sarah Chen, the singing sensation from Mandarin speaking Taiwan, is equally capable of handling English songs. Her first English LP tracklist included Cello, Ebony Eyes, Stay, I Don't Remember, Who's Leaving Who, Sukiyaki, Hold Me Now, Closer, Love Song, Everytime You Walk In The Room, Somewhere In My Heart and Wings Of Love. Her second LP, produced by Reggie Verghese in 1983, included tracks as The Right To Sing, Jealous Lover, How Am I Supposed To Live Without You, Words, I Knew You When, Changes, Heartstealer, I Really Don't Want To Know (duet with Matthew Tan), Love's Got A Line On You and Diamonds And Rust.
A third LP was released in 1987, with songs as Miracle Of Love, If You Ever Had A Broken Heart, There'll Be Sad Songs, Every Loser Wins, Now And Forever, Somewhere Out There, Because I Love You, Some Hearts Are Diamonds, Little Girl, Can't Help Fallin' In Love, Love In Your Eyes and Give Me Peace On Earth.

The Tidbits

The Tidbits, Serene Wee (13), sister Melina Wee (12), and cousin Bernedette de Souza (12), won the RTS Talentime Competition of 1967/68, thereby winning a recording contract with RCA. Their first EP featured their talentime winning song, I Believe, others included Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Never My Love and Lace Covered Window, accompanied by The Trailers. In their second EP, California Dreamin', Scarlet Ribbons, Tragedy and Come Softly To Me, accompanied by The Xperiment, were added to their fans' vinyl collection.

Oh Malaysia !

Oh Malaysia, one of the most sought after EP record among 60s local music lovers. The compilation included Oh Malaysia and Pulau Pinang by Anneke Gronloh, Singapura by Sandra and Sunrise In Malaysia by Boy and His Rollin' Kids. There is another EP with the same title, featuring Midnight In Malaya and Sunrise In Malaysia by Boy and his Rolin' Kids, Oh Malaysia by Anneke Gronloh and Singapura by Sandra. Both are collectors' gem from the past.

Kong Ling

Kong Ling, this talented lady from Hong Kong burst into the music scene in the S.E. Asia region with her greatest hit, "Let's Twist Again", accompanied by The Fabulous Echoes. Over the years, she had recorded more than 10 LP albums. Some of her recordings included I've Told Every Little Star, Love Me Warm And Tender, Yum Yum Cha Cha, Sad Movies, Moon River, Ai Di La, Mr Sandman, I Can't Stop Loving You, La Paloma Twist, Why Not Now, You Don't Know Me, As Tears Go By, Walk Away, The Sound Of Music, The Wedding, 500 Miles, I Believe, Devoted To You, Dear Heart, The Hawaiian Wedding Song, A Summer Place, The World We Live In, Till and many more....

Those Fabulous Echoes

Those Fabulous Echoes, featuring Cliff Foenander, Stanley Robertson, Tony and Danny Ruivivar, Terry Lucido Jr and Bert Sagum. Together, they recorded several great hits like Dancing On The Moon, Sunshine, I Know, A Little Bit Of Soap, Carmen Twist, Loop De Loop, Baby Elephant Walk, and many others.

Over the years, the group has shifted their base from Hong Kong to Honolulu, Hawaii and lately, Las Vegas, USA. Today, the group is known as The Society Of Seven, with two of its original members, leader Tony Ruivivar, Bert Sagum, and five other talented musicians, still performing to full houses.

ConQuest - The Quests in Hong Kong

Dear Friends,
This record has a special significance for us. We call it "ConQuest", because that is what it represents - a victory, our victory, over the natural growing pains of group life. The end of the days when we arrived, nervous, hesitant, untried, and practically unknown in Hong Kong. A group on its first real engagement outside its Singapore home-base.
At our first show in Hong Kong we were disappointed and bewildered, and wondered weather the music we believed in really was right. Then the audience stopped long enough to listen, and from listening they went on to liking, then raving about us. And when it was time to leave, we felt as if we were putting aside a part of ourselves. - The Quests.


The Clansmen

The Clansmen recorded an SP with two songs, Sir Barclay More and Sha La La Love, both original compositions.

The McCoys

The McCoys' recordings included songs like Wait For Me Mary-Anne, I Don't Understand, Say You Don't Need Me, Watermelon Man, Wade In The Water, Come Into My World and Voyage To The Bottom Of The Bath.

The Blackjacks

The Blackjacks recorded an EP with songs that included I Shall Be Released, Day By Day, El Mondo and My Special Angel.

Mike & The Mysterians

Mike and The Mysterians recorded an SP with two original titles, Forget The Times and My Girl Les.

The Cyclones

The Cyclones, brothers James and Siva Choy, recorded two EP, accompanied by The Checkmates. The song titles included I'll, Oh No, She Didn't Say, She's Mine All Mine, The Dew, Your Thoughts, Your Cares And You, A New Man, Stop Your Sobbing and I'll Be Home.

Mike and Herb

Brothers Mike and Herb van Dort, aka the Beatles of Malaysia, recorded two SPs, accompanied by the Silver Strings. The song titles included I've Been A Fool, Let 'Em Come, I Don't Want You Around Anymore and What Can I Do (Composed by Shirley Nair)

Steve Loraine

Steve Loraine recorded an EP with songs that included Moments, Watermelon Man, Not Around and There Goes My Heart, accompanied by The Dukes. These songs were included in The Dukes' CD compilation album.

Wilson David

Wilson David, aka the Elvis Presley of Singapore, recorded his first EP with The Jets. The four tracks included I'll Never Be Mad At You, I Love To Be By Your Side, Yours and Jezebel. The first two tracks were composed by Alan Poh of The Jets. Wilson also recorded an SP with The Moonglows, Cold And Lonely and That's Amore.


Heather teamed up with The Thunderbirds in 1966. Some of her recordings included Love Is Blue, Green Tambourine, Nobody's Child, I'll Never Fall In Love Again, We Two Shall Be One, Day Dreaming, I'll Never Be The Same, Only Friends and more. Besides The Thunderbirds, she also recorded with The Diamonds Four.

The Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds were formed in 1963 with Tony Chong, Hamzah Hussein, Victor Lam and Derrick Fitzgerald. In 1965, they released their first EP, titled Tony Chong & The Thunderbirds, with Tony Chong, Derrick, Harvey, Ivan Fitzgerald and Freddie Tan in the line-up. The tracks included Little Lady and I'm As Sad As I Can Be. Their greatest hit, My Lonely Heart, composed by Harvey and the group's Manager Gerry Pasquel, was released in 1966. Its one of the most popular local compositions, until this day. Other hits included You Were Made For Me To Love, I Miss Your Love & more...

Information through the kind courtesy of Joseph Pereira, aka Goldenvenus.


Cells Unlimited

Cells Unlimited, featuring Jeffrey Jalleh, Ivor Lesslar, Roy Oh and Vincent Leong. The group recorded two original compositions by Roy and Jeffrey, titled Mornings And Evenings and Where Am I Living. Wonderful lyrics on both songs.

The Straydogs

The Straydogs, featuring Lawrence Lim, William Lim, Jeffrey Low, Ronnie Kriekenbeek, Dennis Lim and James Tan. The group recorded Rockin' Our Blues, Freedom, Cold Morning, Mum's Too Pampering, I Can Only Give You Everything and Repent.

Shirley Nair & The Silver Strings

Shirley Nair & The Silver Strings, featuring Audie Ng, David Chen, Merlin Lim and Mohamed Khan. Together, they recorded You're The Boy, If You Ever Go, Don't Leave Me, I Won't Let You See Me Cry, I'll Remember Today, Two People, Too Late For Tears and Come Back To Me.


Sonny Bala & The Moonglows

Sonny Bala & The Moonglows, featuring Teddy Song, Donald Thaver and Sanny Ismail. Their first EP included songs like Girl Of Mine, Is It True ?, Atalanta and Tropical Night, the last two songs were composed by Sonny himself. The group also accompanied some popular singers like Veronica Young, Tom Reyes and Wilson David in their recordings.

Frankie Cheah

Frankie Cheah, the singing school teacher from Johore Bahru, Malaysia was a big favourite in Singapore as well. His first LP was produced by Reggie Verghese, included songs like One Day, Soldier's Prayer, Love Story, Holiday In Guam, Laughing, You've Got A Friend, Lovers, Cheryl Moana Marie, My Name Is The Wind, It's Impossible, Help Me Make It Through The Night & Woman In My Life.
Frankie's second LP was released in 1972, also produced by Verghese. The tracklist included Beautiful Morning, You (Du), It Takes The Best, Heart Of Gold, Come What May, There's An Island, Speak Softly Love, Morning Of My Life, I Just Can't Help Believing, My Dark World, Chotto Matte Kudasai & Magic Eyes. Some of his past hits were released on CD recently in Malaysia.

The Overheads

The Overheads, featuring Vernon Cornelius, Charlie Anchant, Lim Thiam Soon, Eric Tan, Hensen Beng and Chris Chew, released their first CD in 1990. There are two original compositions on the album, The Lion's Song (Steve Hogan/Vernon Cornelius) and Easy Me (Eric Tan). Other titles included It'll Be Me, Black Is Black, Mr. Bojangles, Rave On, Lucille, Without You, Rock Me Gently, Talk To Me Baby, A Song For You and You Really Got Me.

The Fabulous Falcons

The Fabulous Falcons, featuring Thomas Han, Tommy Ong, Tony Lee and Christopher Choong were from Ipoh, Malaysia. Their first EP included four original instrumentals, composed by the group members themselves, titled Midnight Express, Casino, Aquarius and Spit Fire.