The Stylers - Our Songs

For fans who believe in the romance of traditional kampong music from the good old Singapore/Malaysia 60s' days, this album from The Stylers is a "must to listen" ! Appropriately titled Our Songs, there are 14 lovely tracks that would bring fond memories of our Growing Up Years during the 50s & 60s:-

1. Rasa Sayang
2. Impian Semalam
3. Dayang Sampan
4. Sunrise In Malaysia
5. Bengawan Solo
6. Nina Bobo
7. Sapu Tangan
8. Chan Mari Chan
9. Singapura (Our Song)
10. Di Tanjong Katong
11. Potong Padi
12. Bahiera Laju
13. Nona Nona
14. Midnight In Malaya

The Stylers contributed much to the local scene during the 60s with their immense repertoire of songs from instrumentals to vocals in Mandarin, English and a little bit of local dialects occasionally. Recently, I came across two such recordings made by the group during the golden era and would like to share them with fans here. So, crank up your speaks, click on the MP3 tracks and enjoy their original renditions of "Belachan" in English and "I.O.I.O aka Aiyoh, Aiyoh (Casino Song)" in Hokkien. There are lots of local flavour on these two songs. For fans of the recently launched Singapore casino, I.O.I.O is a timely reminder to exercise prudence in your new found hobby on the game of chance and luck. And a big thank you to The Stylers, especially Randy Lee Keng, one of the two original founder members of the group for sharing these two special songs with us. Cheers !