Music Makers

Music Makers, a compilation album of EMI artistes from the 60s. Produced by guitar guru Reggie Verghese, this album included contributions by The Quests (Hawaii Five-O, Memphis Street, Love At First Sight, When The Clock Strikes Twelve), Anita Sarawak (Baby It's You, Conversations), The Jetliners (Baby, Think), Sugiman (Adios Amour, If You Go Away), Rita & Sakura (Bala Bala) and Irene Ryder (I'll Never Fall In Love Again).


Anonymous said...

Boy ! This is a very rare album with a unique mix of groups and singers. The Jetliners, if my memory is correct was from Ceylon aka Sri Lanka today.Irene Ryder from HongKong and a very interesting Quests team of Jap Cheong, Reggie, Wee Guan and Samuel Toh. How come Memphis Street was not included in the two Recollecting Quests Cds ? thank you.



Thanks for your comments, Monique. I am presently surprised that you can pick out Memphis Street as one of the missing Quests recordings from their RTQ albums. You must be another big fan of the group. As a matter of fact, there were quite a few Quests recordings that were not on the RTQ package. These included Cupid, He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother, Sugar Sugar etc. Hopefully, there will be other opportunities for this to happen. Cheers.

vernon cheong

Anonymous said...

Hey Vernon,

This is a very good mix of EMI artistes. I have not heard about The Jetliners, don't think they are a local group ? You should have got your EMI friend to release this on CD.