Talk Of The Town - Rita & Sakura

Rita Chao and Sakura Teng recorded several albums together, with The Quests. Their first was Talk Of The Town which also featured keyboard masetro Jimmy Chan in the Quests line-up for the first time. The album offers a mix of English, Mandarin and even Japanese songs. Some of the titles include Say Yes My Boy, Honemade Aishite, Crying In The Storm, Itsemademo, Yellow Bird, Love Is Blue, She Wears My Ring, Tell The Boys, and others.


Anonymous said...

I grew up listening to Rita & Sakura. It was them who inspired me to become a Tv producer in Singapore back in the 80s.

I wonder if you can post their music in MP3 format.

Please pretty please.... KS

Anonymous said...

These two ladies started a Music Revolution where copy versions of popular Western hits were recorded with Mandarin lyrics. Fans love it! This album was one of the best benchmark of that type of music.The presence of The Quests also boosted the popularity of Mandarin pops. Some of Rita & Sakura's recordings are available on CD. It might is a treasure hunt but its worth the effort, I bet you.

CY Wang


Hi KS,

As requested, the two ladies belting out a very popular Mandarin
hit from the 60s. Hope you like it. Cheers !

bedetje said...

I'm looking after the song She wears my ring from Rita and Sakura. Can you be of any help.
Thank you so much.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE, where I can find "She Wears My Ring" of Rita & Sakura /it's a version of Narciso Serradell's Mexican song "La Golondrina"?????
Please, mail me at
Regards and best wishes

Vernon Cheong said...

In the album Talk Of The Town by Rita Chao & Sakura, the track She Wears My Ring was sang by Sakura in Mandarin. This album should still be available in some of the shops selling old vinyls. cheers.