ConQuest - The Quests in Hong Kong

Dear Friends,
This record has a special significance for us. We call it "ConQuest", because that is what it represents - a victory, our victory, over the natural growing pains of group life. The end of the days when we arrived, nervous, hesitant, untried, and practically unknown in Hong Kong. A group on its first real engagement outside its Singapore home-base.
At our first show in Hong Kong we were disappointed and bewildered, and wondered weather the music we believed in really was right. Then the audience stopped long enough to listen, and from listening they went on to liking, then raving about us. And when it was time to leave, we felt as if we were putting aside a part of ourselves. - The Quests.


blue said...

Can you share some gems for us?
Its rare and hard to find!

Rach said...

Most of the Quests recordings, including tracks from this EP are available on CD in the two Recollecting The Quests albums released by EMI Singapore. Even some of the recordings by other groups like Straydogs, Blackjacks, Surfers, New Topnotes ...are also available in Vernon's compilation of Recollecting Singapore 60s CD albums. These albums are still available in the market. Pick up your copies before stock runs out !

Anonymous said...

Dear Vernon,

This EP has one track called Soul
Finger which is a beauty. They play up a storm and you can hear Reggie's guitar starting to go extreme in his bends. By the way, I am still trying to find the official HK only release titled Quests Farewell Concert to HK. Anyone can help with a copy ? We can then get it released on cd.