Made In Singapore

Picked up this album of local artistes in 1987. The compilation of songs include In A Small Way (Jacintha, Clement, Li Huan & Robert Fernando), The Wedding Song (Angeline), Within You'll Remain (Tokyo Square), One Chance (Lolita), Rejuvenation (Urazea), Roses (Gingerbread), Cold In Buriram (Zircon Lounge), On And On (Jacintha), Love In Any Language (Angeline), Love One Another (Onesimus Principle), Funny (Streetsmart), Rose Rose I Love You (Dick Lee), Only The Lonely (Matthew Tan) and We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Hangloose).


Anonymous said...

This album featured the greatest local hit from the 70s.....Tokyo Square's "Within You'll Remain", ranks among the best like My Lonely Heart by The Thunderbirds, Don't Play That Song (Keith Locke & The Quests), Phoenix Theme (The Trailers), Roses (Gingerbread).


Anonymous said...


Where can I get Angeline Kong's songs like the wedding songs and love in any language?

Patrick Lim

Vernon Cheong said...

Hi Patrick,

I believe this CD is not longer in print. Perhaps you can try sourcing it from shops that sell old vinyls and CDs.


alexa said...

hi vernon,

what an amazing discovery, your blog! can you guide me to shops that sell olf vinyl and cds here in singapore?