Uncle Ray 101 - Hong Kong All Time Favourites

Hi, this is Uncle Ray! Over the years I introduced and presented the local pop scene of the 60's. Most of my local listeners are mainly Chinese teenagers who grew up with my kind of music and upon graduation, some have immigrated to different parts of the world, like Toronto, Vancouver, the United States, Australia and UK but still listening to my late night shows, thanks to the Internet.

As we grew older we cast our memories to the good old days remembering the good old teenage times. With this in mind, I have sought the help of Universal Records to put together a huge collection of the 60s and 70s music that bought us such joy during our younger days. This rare opportunity was very carefully selected and some of these recordings are no longer available. So be proud, be happy, sit back and put the first CD on and relax... You were young, carefree, and life was simple, wonderful, and those good old memories may never come back again.

- Uncle Ray.

PS - This 6-CD Box-set is now available at local stores in Singapore.