Cells Unlimited

Cells Unlimited, featuring Jeffrey Jalleh, Ivor Lesslar, Roy Oh and Vincent Leong. The group recorded two original compositions by Roy and Jeffrey, titled Mornings And Evenings and Where Am I Living. Wonderful lyrics on both songs.


Anonymous said...

Dear Vernon,

I remember seeing this band on local TV back in 1967 and thinking what a strange name for a band. Cannot remember what they played. They also backed lawyer John Tan on two self financed EPs released on Malaysia's Life label. There they are billed as John Tan and The Cells. The five piece line up of Cells Unlimited were photographed on the grounds of St Andrews Cathedral. They had a keyboard player by this time. John sings Mandarin versions of eight hits. His version of San Francisco sounds rather poignant and you can hear Jeffrey Jalleh singing the backing in English.

Pity that the engineering is rather poor. The first song sounds good and then it get progressively worse from an engineering perspective. Still it is a rare artifact.


bernice said...

Dear Vernon,
im Bernice Leong, daughter of vincent leong, the drummer of cells unlimited :) we were so happy to see your post, my dad was so so excited :D.

hes currently jamming with the stray dogs.

bernice leong


Dear Bernice,

Thank you for your post. I'm glad to have brought some fond memories to your Dad through my blog. Cells Unlimited were a great band that was part of the 60s local music revolution. Cheers !

olsen said...

Hi Vernon

I am Victor Olsen - the keyboard guy with the Cells on John Tan's album.

Do you have the photograph taken on the grounds of, I think, the old chapel at CHIJ Convent not St Andrew's Cathedral. If you do, could I have a copy?

Vincent was "Mr Boogaloos" on the drums, Ivor was the Soul guitar man, Roy was the "boss" on the bass, Jeff was the guy who could sing and give James Brown a run for his money and I was the fellow having a ball of a time in my own world behind my Farfisa organ!... what great guys, what great days!

Many Thanks

Vernon Cheong said...

Hi Vic,

Thanks for your post. I don't have the photo you requested. But I knew some friends who collects oldies like me, will check with them and let you know if we're lucky. Take care and thanks for the good times. Cheers.

vernon cheong

Vernon Cheong said...

Hi Vic,

Good news. A buddy of mine might have the photo you are refering to. Plse provide me your email address and I will link you with him. Cheers.