The Stylers

The Stylers, one of the most popular instrumental groups from the 60s , started out as The Angels in their early days and recorded their first Mandarin EP with a singer by the name of Maggie in 1962 under Miracle Records. Since then, led by the versatile John Teo, the group had came a long way and recorded several Mandarin instrumental albums, including some vocal ones in English and Hokkien as well. They were one of the few groups that had their own recording company over the years.

They were so popular during the 60s that their music accompaniment were much sort after by top artistes like Chang Siow Ying, Lena Lim, Wang Ching Yeng, Rita Chao, Sakura Teng, Suyin, Chopsticks Sisters, Ming Choo Sisters, Wu Kang, Yuli, Loong Piau Piau, Xie Cai Yin, Kok Peng Keen, Ervinna, Jenny Tseng, Rahimah Rahim and many others, when they recorded their respective albums.

The original Stylers were John Teo (lead guitar) Randy Lee Keng (rhythm guitar) Frankie (bassist) and Osman (drummer). Later, when Frankie and Osman left the group, they were replaced by Douglas Tan (bassist) and Alvin Wong (drummer).

The photo featured above was taken at the Victoria Memorial Hall. Standing from left to right, Robert Song and John Teo and seated from left to right, Alvin Wong, Douglas Tan and Randy Lee. Stylers music is still available on CDs today, check it out at Chinatown. Most members of the group are still active in the music scene today.


Anonymous said...

The Stylers were setting the standards for other groups in the Chinese pop scene to follow. Their record releases were one of the highest among the local groups. The great John Teo has also released a few CDs on his own after the disbandment of the group. As a guitarist, John ranks within the likes of Reggie Verghese. Thank you for reminding us about this great group.


Anonymous said...

Johnny with two other original Stylers played for a Xmas Party at a home gathering in the mid sixties at Lorong 41 Geylang. I was the MC and it was a night of many nights that still lingers. John Teo was destined for greatness.
Thanks for playing it again Vernon.
Andy Young

Anonymous said...

Hi Vernon

Just for your info, the original Stylers are John Teo (lead guitar) Randy Lee (rhythm guitar) Frankie (bassist) and Osman (drummer) Later when Frankie and Osman left, they were replaced by Douglas Tan (bassist) and Alvin Wong (drummer)

Anonymous said...

The above Stylers photo was taken at the Victoria Memorial Hall.
Standing left to right, Robert Song and John Teo and seated left to right, Alvin Wong, Douglas Tan and Randy Lee. Yes Stylers did hundreds of recordings for artistes from Malaysia, S'pore, Taiwan and Indonesia. Besides Mandarin, they also recorded English and Indonesian hits.

Anonymous said...

Stylers in their earlier days used to play at house/birthday parties in the Katong and Geylang area, simply because John Teo and Randy Lee were residing at Lor 39 and Lor 41 respectively and Idros original drummer (later to be replaced by Osman)stayed at Tembeling, whilst Frankie (bassist)home was at Norfolk Road (Bt Timah/Thomson)


Anonymous said...

John Teo and the Stylers released 3 A-Go-Go Cha Cha Cds in 1991. You can still buy them at People's Park Centre. Better Hurry. Stocks depleting fast.

Anonymous said...

This is the cover of the 1991 Stylers CD Volume 1:


I think John Teo was still playing his vintage Fender Strat thru the twin reverb amp. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

hi veron cheong,belated happy birthday to John Teo of The New Stylers,Wish him healthy & happy although he hasn't released any memories guitar music recently,my rgds to him & also goes to Randy Lee,Douglas Tan & Lawerence Lum.Also memories to late Alvin Wong & Robert Song,Thanks.