Teddy Robin & The Playboys

One of the most popular local groups in Hong Kong during the 60s. They were probably Hong Kong's answer to The Quests of Singapore. The group released 4 albums, one double album, and several SPs from 1965 to 1969.Their music ranged from 60s pop, beat, garage, fuzz-punk and psychedelia. A compilation of some of their hits was lately released on a CD titled "The IN Sounds of Hong Kong". The comprehensive track list included The In-Place, Crying In The Rain, Don't Throw Your Love Away, Norman's Fancy, Don't Go Out In The Rain, Language Of Love, Zee Pa De Do Da, Fever, Don't Try To Love Somebody Like Me, In September, Sands Of Time, I Dreamed Of You Last Last, Don't Make My Baby Blue, She's Rather Be With Me, What'd You Say, We Can't Go On This Way, Come On Down To My Boat, Move It, Carousel, You'd Better Cry, Magic Colours and Take My Life.

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