The Tidbits

The Tidbits, Serene Wee (13), sister Melina Wee (12), and cousin Bernedette de Souza (12), won the RTS Talentime Competition of 1967/68, thereby winning a recording contract with RCA. Their first EP featured their talentime winning song, I Believe, others included Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Never My Love and Lace Covered Window, accompanied by The Trailers. In their second EP, California Dreamin', Scarlet Ribbons, Tragedy and Come Softly To Me, accompanied by The Xperiment, were added to their fans' vinyl collection.


Anonymous said...

Dear Vernon,

The two EPs by Tit Bits are interesting because of the different backing groups. The Trailers backed EP came first followed by the X-periments backed by EP. Never My Love has pathos because of the very sympathetic organ playing. The male singer in one of the tracks is a member of Sundowners who was a vocal coach for the band.

Interesting trivia. It is not generally known but Siva Choy was actually a member of X-periments during their early period. He is probably on rhythm guitar and glockenspiel on the second Tit Bits EP.


JoeWuSeattleWaUSA said...

Talk about sweet nostalgia!

For those people who want a nice blast from the past, check out the 30-second 1968 TV newsreel clip that I just uploaded at YouTube.

See The TIDBITS - Serene, Merlina and Bernedette - as they were in 1968. With their beanie caps and all.

Because the newsreel clip itself is so short, I slowed it down for a second play so people can enjoy watching it again, but this time to their recording of "I Believe," the very song the three young girls sang when they won the RTS Talentime Competition of 1967/68, to the delight of their many fans.

Somehow "I Believe" sounds so much better against the backdrop of this slowed down newsreel clip.

I don't know what Serene, Melina and Bernedette are doing today, but I know that if they ever watch this clip themselves, sweet nostalgia will quickly set in for them just like they have for us.