Frankie Cheah

Frankie Cheah, the singing school teacher from Johore Bahru, Malaysia was a big favourite in Singapore as well. His first LP was produced by Reggie Verghese, included songs like One Day, Soldier's Prayer, Love Story, Holiday In Guam, Laughing, You've Got A Friend, Lovers, Cheryl Moana Marie, My Name Is The Wind, It's Impossible, Help Me Make It Through The Night & Woman In My Life.
Frankie's second LP was released in 1972, also produced by Verghese. The tracklist included Beautiful Morning, You (Du), It Takes The Best, Heart Of Gold, Come What May, There's An Island, Speak Softly Love, Morning Of My Life, I Just Can't Help Believing, My Dark World, Chotto Matte Kudasai & Magic Eyes. Some of his past hits were released on CD recently in Malaysia.


moo said...

The name Frankie strikes as familiar to this 60s baby

I do wonder where I heard or read of it. hmm maybe some day it will all come back

Vernon Cheong said...

Frankie's greatest hit was 'Woman In My Life'. During the 60s, he appeared in many live shows in Singapore..Musical Express, Early Bird Shows and also at the National Theatre, taking on our best local talents. I remember him singing Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Get Down" in one of those shows, accompanied by probably The Quests ?

moo said...

MIght have been there that id heard him then .

its so tough 8-) trying to match names and faces plus titles

matthew said...

I was very amazed with Frankie's 'You' in my schooldays in the seventies. If my encounter with songs do not fail me, I found out that it originated as a german song 'Tu'. Thank you so much for a write-up of him.

Anonymous said...

I just love to listen to 'oldies' and what more if they are Frankie Cheah's numbers. I would appreciate it very much if you could share his albums with us. I really fancy his version of Duniaku i.e My Dark World, and love to have a chance to listen to it.
Thank you



You asked for it ! Here are You (Du), composed by Kunze-Orloff and My Dark World, composed by our own Johari Salleh. Both songs were arranged and produced by our great guitar Guru from the 60s, Mr. Reggie Verghese, lead guitarist extra-ordinary of The Quests !

David Yoong said...

Keep up the good work, Mr Vernon Cheong. The 60's music is indeed refreshing to our ears! Incidentally, I stumbled upon your blog recently, and sent your web link to Mr Frankie himself (he lives not too far from where I am). He responded with appreciation that people still remember the good ol' days. And take it from me, besides his singing talents, Mr Frankie is truly a gentleman, still held in high regard in music circles, and for me, a friend I trust and treasure. Cheers!

Vernon Cheong said...

Thanks for your kind words, David. I am glad both you and Frankie ,the man himself visited my blog. Cheers.

al said...

Hi Guys
It really bring back alot of fond memories of the 60. Could someone tell me where can I get hold some of this goodies if not all.
God bless

Vernon Cheong said...

Hi Al,

There are two albums available in the market now :-

1) Recollecting Singapore 60s, released by EMI/Warner Music

2) 100 Greatest - Singapore 60s. released by Universal Music.

You can pick them up at HMV or Popular Book Store here. As you are aware, details of both albums are available on this blog. Happy shopping ! Cheers !

May said...

Hi Mr. Vernon,

I just love the beautiful old songs that I am listening here in your blog. Such beautiful songs....

Please advise how can i access Frankie Cheah's songs? You have done a great job, please keep it up. TQVM