Reg Guitar

This man needs no introduction, Reginald Verghese ! Better known as the lead guitarist of The Quests, Reg is often referred to as the Guitar Guru of Singapore. In addition, Reg was a very successful record producer of EMI Singspore during the 70s and a talented composer who penned several Quests recordings that include Come On And Shout, Love Has Gone, The Man From Madrid, Dum Dum, I'm On Top Of The World (with Keith Locke), Instrumentally Western, A World Of Tomorrows, Gallopin', I'm Feelin' Good, Champagne and You Are Standing By Me. After The Quests disbanded upon their return from Hong Kong, Reg recorded a series of 8 albums on his own, featuring instrumental hits from both the Western and Eastern pop scene. Thank you for the music, Mr. Guitar Man !


mei said...

I know there are records but are there any CDs ?

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting question. I am also interested to know whether there are any CDs ? Jimmy Chan, another esteem member of the Quests has many CDs of Mandarin pop songs but I have not seen any by Reggie yet. If there isn't any, it would be ideal if EMI could release them on a box-set. I am sure many of his fans would be thrilled to listen to his guitar sounds again.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vernon,

Reg looks great in this record cover ! BTW, who's that girl ?


Anonymous said...

Me, of course ! LOL....cannot be you, otherwise you won't be asking..hehe. Great to have you back in the posting mood, Rach. Ta !


JoeWuSeattleWaUSA said...

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy all year. All I want for Christmas is a guitar pick that belongs to REGGIE VERGHESE. Oh please, please, please, PLEASE(!!!), Santa!!!

And if it's one that he had used back in the 1960's, when he was the lead guitarist of The QUESTS, when he was the undisputed Guitar God of Singapore, when The QUESTS established themselves as the greatest recording band ever in the history of Singapore Pop Music, that would be SO absolutely divine!

If you could just make this Christmas wish come true for me, Santa, I promise, promise, PROMISE(!!!) to be a good little boy again all next year, too. I will eat all my vegetables, study hard and do my homework, complete my chores, and not pull on Mei's pigtails again.


cliffsonic said...

Other than the 8 Mandarin Instrumental LP that Reg Guitar had recorded. He also recorded two English cover and one Malay music albums.

Anonymous said...

That's a nut-cracker ! Reg is still the best , lead guitarist extra-ordinary, great composer and record producer, all wraped-up into one ! The Quests were very fortunate to have this gifted talent in their team. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Guitar Man.


Anonymous said...

Since someone mentioned about Reggie, I bought one of his Reg Guitar album titled Kung Fu from a stall at Sungei Road recently, cost me $15.00.

The track list really excites me:-
Side 1.
-Kung Fu
-I Can See Clearly Now
-Put A Little Love In Your Heart/Black And White
-The Lord's Prayer
-Dancing On A Saturday Night
-Wonderful Dream
-Smoke On The Water
Side 2.
-Playground In My Mind
-A Song I Like To Sing
-Seasons In The Sun
-Top Of The World
-How Can I Tell Her
-Brother Louie
-Shaking All Over

It was great listening to Reg again. Still the Best.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vernon,

Any chance of uploading some of Reggie's recordings from his Reg Guitar series on this blog? I'm sure fans would love to listen to the guitar genius' rendition of Smoke In The Water, Shaking All Over, Playground In My Mind...and others. These are real cool evergreen tunes. Thank you.