Tracy Huang

Tracy Huang, another popular female artiste in the region. She recorded several albums with EMI Singapore and most of these were produced by guitar Guru Reggie Verghese of The Quests. Several of her albums are available on CD.


Jane said...

Hi Vernon:

Yup back in the 70s if I can recalled clearly Tracy Huang was popular and she have quite a unique voice. Of cos I do have couple of her albums too... sori to say that but nothing can beat those vinyl records. Cheers!


Francis Leong said...

Always enjoyed Tracy's singing. Credit must also go to the Producer that captured the crystal clear recordings. Cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

Right, the Producer was one of the most talented musician in Singapore. If only she had cut a couple of records with the Producer's group then. It was not to be probably because of the timing of her popularity. By then, The Quests has disbanded...if only.... I was told by a friend that Tracy's CDs on EMI sold better than most of the local artistes.


savvyyeo said...

Hi everyone,

Yes, Tracy got a clear and unique voice. Even her mandarin songs are very popular too. Her version of my favourite song 'All over the world' ( original by Francoise Hardy )is just so nice.


carina said...

Its interesting that occasionally we shift our attention to a particular singer or group. Otherwise, it can be a little bit boring discussing about the same old matters.

Tracy Huang's fame stretches beyond Singapore. She originates from Taiwan, like many other bi-lingual talents in the mode of Sarah Chen, Elisa Chan who were equally proficient in recording both English and Mandarin songs.

As a matter of fact, she is a better known as a Mandarin song icon in Taiwan and Hong Kong while most of her English recordings were only marketed in Singapore.

A good friend of mine once told me that when she recorded Rod Steward's "Sailing" during the 70s, the session musicians included the "who was who" in the local music scene then. Names included Tony Zee of The Trailers on drums, Jimmy Chan of The Quests on keyboards, Martin Pereira and Reggie Verghese (also the Producer) on guitar. There may be other well known talents whom we are not aware of even. Maybe others here who may have some info on this recording can share the details with us ? What an album it must have been.

EMI had also released a few of her past recordings under the "Recollecting" series. Between her and Hong Kong's multi-talented Francis Yip, they kick-started EMI's Recollecting series and along came the best of the series, Recollecting The Quests on two volumes. Maybe it should have been titled "Greatest 100" from The Quests. Why not, others with softer credentials have also acclaimed such honours. Its a case of "Who Dares, Wins !"

warmest regards,

Izlynn said...

Although Tracy Huang may be a household name to some fans here, I don't think we can mention her in the same breath as Susan Lim, our Singapore female icon of 60s pops.

While Susan has several hits that made it to the top of the local charts, none of Tracy's mostly cover recordings ever hit the charts, to the best of my memory. Tracy is a very talented stage performer and singer and I do enjoy listening to most of her sentimental songs. She made it good as a foreign talent here during the 70s, but she's not our local product like Susan, Shirley Nair, Veronica Young, Naomi, Heather, Rita or Sakura.

Nothing much for us to get excited over her talents and popularity if we are discussing about LOCAL 60s or 70s music. Sometimes I do wonder why selected foreign talents are included on this blog which should be focused on Singapore talents, e.g The Fabulous Echoes, Anneke Gronloh, Lani whatever ?? etc. Perhaps the blog author should review the features here or change the title of the blog altogether. A more appropriate title may be My Favourite Artistes or The Regional Pop Music Hall Of Fame...something to that effect.

No offence meant Vernon, and no disrespect to the foreign based artistes, but at times we should stay focused on our intent. Regards.

Ta !

Vernon Cheong said...

Hi Izlynn,

Thanks for expressing your more than frank opinion. I did gave some thoughts to the concerns that you have raised before I started this Blog.

At the end of the day, I decided to do what I believe is best in the interests of the majority of fans.

Cool it, and have a good weekend.


Rach said...

What's your point Lynn ? Tracy, Francis Yip, Fabulous Echoes, Anneke or even Frankie Cheah, Strollers were very much part of the local 60s music revolution that made things happened then, irrespective of their origins.

The objective of this blog is clearly to assemble all local fans, including those who have left for greener pastures overseas to recall fond memories of those good old days of the past.

Is there any need to classify those good talents into local and foreign ? All contributed to the success we enjoyed then, until this very day, and more good years ahead. They made it possible for pals like Joseph Pereira to release great music of reminiscence and beyond.

Being the owner of the Blog, the author will always exercise his discretion in publicising his own favs and its obvious that one Ms Lani Misalucha from the Philippines ranks high on his list. I have no qualms about that.

Peace, sister, peace.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carina,

I have an LP of Tracy "Just The Way You Are" and noticed that those who recorded the album with her were truly a great assembly of talented musicians from that period. It reads as :-

Produced by Reggie Verghese
Arranged by Martin Pereira
Engineered by Vincent Lim

Flugal/French Horn : Peping Ciriaco
Flute & Tenor Sax : Richard Ortega
Guitars : Martin Pereira
Bass : Patrick Seet
Drums : Tony Zee

The tracklist included evergreens like One Man One Woman, I've Never Been To Me, What A Wonderful World, Slow Dancing, Blue Bayou, You Belong To Me, Sometimes When We Touch, Just The Way You Are and others. My favourite Tracy Huang's song is "Somewhere In Time" from the album of the same title, recorded in 1989.

That's something to beat from the past.


Anonymous said...


I am a big big fan of Tracy. Still remember I once met her in person while I was working overseas in Paris, France. She was such a friendly and humble person despite her celebrity status.

From one of her many albums "Portrait", I would like to share with her fans the story of Tracy Huang....

"It all began in Taipei with a demure young singer aspiring to recognition and fame. The most memorable part of the first five years struggle was a period singing at the exclusive American club where audiences were necessarily limited, but enthusiastic. Success grew when her talent was finally regonised when she recorded two film soundtracks.

Next stop, Singapore, where night club work led to the opportunity to host the top Chinese Variety Show on television. The audience was decidedly wider now and even more enthusiastic. Her face and voice became familiar with thousands.

A recording contract with EMI followed and the first album, in Mandarin, was a huge success. Responding to the demands of her fans, the next album was recorded in English and sales reached all-time high in Singapore. Tracy Huang had really arrived !

Despite her frequent television appearances, and her successful stage and night club engagements, both in and out of Singapore, Tracy still finds her work in the recording studios the most stimulating. It is in Tracy's recording that her hard work and constant striving for perfection are truly rewarded.

Tracy's first English album "Feelings" won her a Gold Disc Award in Hong Kong for outstanding sales achievement. "Mississippi" followed setting an all time sales record for EMI regionally. With her third English album "I Don't Want To Talk About It" Tracy became the first local artist to be promoted in Australia. The same album also hit the number one position in the Hong Kong charts.

Nor have Tracy's Mandarin recordings been neglected. She continues to set new standards for quality Mandarin production in Singapore and Taiwan. Each new release outclasses the previous winner.

Tracy takes a song and wraps her voice around it, and indelibly stamps it as her own. Her love ballads is a reflection of her own romanticism. Hers is a velvet voice that releases the very essence of the song and conveys every heart-felt emotion.

With several English and Mandarin albums to her credit, she is Singapore's undisputed "Queen of Song". Yes, Tracy has come a long way from those early days in Taipei....

Fan of Tracy,

Anonymous said...

Thank you, GJ for the superb story of Tracy Huang. But let us also give credit to the Magnificant Three of Reggie Verghese, Martin Pereira & Vincent Lim who were always there for all of her recordings, not forgetting EMI for giving her the break !