Sonny Bala & The Moonglows

Sonny Bala & The Moonglows, featuring Teddy Song, Donald Thaver and Sanny Ismail. Their first EP included songs like Girl Of Mine, Is It True ?, Atalanta and Tropical Night, the last two songs were composed by Sonny himself. The group also accompanied some popular singers like Veronica Young, Tom Reyes and Wilson David in their recordings.


Gerry said...

KO, these sure brought back sweet memories of "long-sideing" days in old Paya Lebar! Thanks,great to think back of those great days fondly!!

Vernon Cheong said...

Thanks Gerry ! Great to hear from you in Vancouver. Yes, I sure remember those long-siding days with songs like Living In The Past, Waiting etc by the Xperiment at the Lost Horizon. Cheers. KO

Anonymous said...

Excuse Me Folks!

What is "long-sideing" ?!!

Kindly enlighten me please?

Chang Kang


Hi Chang Kang,

"Long-siding" is getting to know more friends. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Vernon Cheong,

I am Sonny Bala JR.. Son of Sonny BALA. I Saw your blog and I am very happy that you brought back sweet memories of my late father..