Sarah Chen

Sarah Chen, the singing sensation from Mandarin speaking Taiwan, is equally capable of handling English songs. Her first English LP tracklist included Cello, Ebony Eyes, Stay, I Don't Remember, Who's Leaving Who, Sukiyaki, Hold Me Now, Closer, Love Song, Everytime You Walk In The Room, Somewhere In My Heart and Wings Of Love. Her second LP, produced by Reggie Verghese in 1983, included tracks as The Right To Sing, Jealous Lover, How Am I Supposed To Live Without You, Words, I Knew You When, Changes, Heartstealer, I Really Don't Want To Know (duet with Matthew Tan), Love's Got A Line On You and Diamonds And Rust.
A third LP was released in 1987, with songs as Miracle Of Love, If You Ever Had A Broken Heart, There'll Be Sad Songs, Every Loser Wins, Now And Forever, Somewhere Out There, Because I Love You, Some Hearts Are Diamonds, Little Girl, Can't Help Fallin' In Love, Love In Your Eyes and Give Me Peace On Earth.


Oldies said...

Thanks for your information about Sarah Chen.May I ask how many english LP she have before ? Is it hard to find them at Singapore now ?

Vernon Cheong said...

I have come across one LP - "The Right To Sing", but there were two other CDs, titled "Hold Me Now" and "Miracle Of Love". These CDs were available at HMV - City Hall a couple of months ago. Not sure whether there are still stock available. Cheers.

Thong1010 said...

Hi, i'm looking desperatly for the songs from Sarah Chen in english : Because I love You, There'll Be Sad Songs, Give Me Peace On Earth ...
If someone has those, songs, can you please share it and send them to me to this email : thong1010@ymail.com

Vernon Cheong said...

Hi Brice,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, there is a 3rd English album by Sarah Chen titled "Miracle of Love". There are 12 tracks on this album:
- Miracle of Love
- If You Ever Had A Broken Heart
- There'll Be Sad Songs
- Every Lover Wins
- Now And Forever
- Some Where Out There
- Because I Love You
- Some Hearts Are Diamonds
- Little Girl
- Can't Help Fallin' In Love
- Love In Your Eyes
- Give Me Peace On Earth

There may be some stock in the local HMV shop here. I will check it out and let you know. Cheers.

Bob Fernando said...

Btw, to update your info on Sarah Chen's album "Miracle of Love". I did the the duet for Somewhere out There.

J W said...

The correct order of Sarah Chen's English albums should be: (1) 1983 - "The Right to Sing", (2) 1987 - "Miracle of Love" and (3) 1988 - "Hold Me Now".

Anonymous said...

Hi Vernon,
Greetings from Adelaide S Australia!
This poem is dedicated to you and Jo Wu:

I’m glad of the world wide web
Cause through the superhighway on the internet
We can go back in time
To the Singapore we left behind.
It’s easy to stroll down memory lane
For those who left her shores and those who remained
With the music of the era as time measures
And images of record covers that bring back memories we treasure
We relive our youth and struggling days
When life was simple in many ways.
Most of us didn’t have much but we did share
The “kampong” spirit that seem everywhere
I guess it is only in our minds that we recapture
The times when Singapore was young, innocent and immature.
But I’m glad that like most of us approaching our seventies
To have grown up as a teen in the Sixties!

Edmund Arozoo