The Xperiment & The Idaly Sisters

The Xperiment featuring Mervyn Nonis, Tony Shotam, Frisco Lim, Kenny Barket, Joe Chandran and Siva Choy with The Idaly Sisters, Linda, Lolly and Elsie.
Their first LP included tracks like Unchained Melody, Micro-Mini, Don't Fight It, You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/Soul and Inspiration, I Second That Emotion, A Place In The Sun, To Love Somebody, Soul Sister Brown Sugar, Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday, I Lost Someone and Funky Broadway.
Over the years, The Xperiment also released a second LP with titles like Chinatown Rock, Here Comes That Feeling Again, Come And Rest On Love, Living In The Past, Fun Fun Fun, Different Sound, Waiting, Hedonism Is Fun, Geraldine and Baila.


Anonymous said...

I remember Joe Chandran & The Xperiments from their Lost Horizon days. That was my favourite watering hole. Some of their favorite songs still plays on my mind in the still of the night. A typical mix of songs in an evening set at the Horizon would give evergreens like The Cisco Kid, Papa Was A Rollin' Stone, We Got To Live Together, Rock The Boat, Maria, After The Lovin', Dialogue and a few of their own compositions like Waiting, Living In The Past... Well, from the list of songs mentioned you can imagine the versatility of the group that comes with brass and horn sounds. From the music of The Temptations, War, Hues Corporation, Chicago..they can easily switched to more soothing sounds like Johnny Mathis, Engelbert and others. Oh, how I cherished those days of dancing to their music in the Boat Quay setting there. If The Quests were the best during the 60s, The Xperiments would be the group of the 70s. Thanks for bring us back to the past.


Anonymous said...

Joe Chandran & The Xperiments once playing at Spot Spot at the Singapore Hilton Hotel... my fav disco in the early 70's. Never failed to watch them performed nearly every weekends with full house. Oh those were the good old days and the memories will always lingered on. Many thanks for the memories and bringing us back to the good old days.