Rose Iwanaga & The Avengers

Rose Iwanaga & The Avengers, featuring Peter Ho, Jimmy Ho, James Ong, Jalek Zula. The EP recordings of this East Malaysia group included tracks like Please Tell Terry, Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Too Young, Say You'll Be Mine, I'll Pretend, You Belong To Me, Why ?, I'd Never Find Another You, Take Me Back Again, I Hope You Won't, Oh Handsome Boy and True Love Will Come To You.


Anonymous said...

Rose Iwanaga & the Avengers were from Kuching, EAST Malaysia.

Á Go-Gojira said...

Hi Vernon.
I have been collecting a few records from the Singapore and Malaysian 60s-70s scene and often despaired at how little information one can find about the artists on the net. So I need to say many thanks for this interesting and informative blog.

One thing I haven't been able to find out yet, and hoping you could help me with, is whether Rose Iwanaga is the same girl as the Rose who released this Guantanamera EP on the VRC label? :

Vernon Cheong said...

Hi Sid,

Thanks for your kind comments. I am not sure on this count. Can anyone who is familiar with Rose's singing career assist us ?


Blossom Keen said...

Rose Iwanaga is from Kuching, a Malaysian whereas Ruse who sung the Guantanamera EP is from Indonesia.