Tony & Terry with Spencer

Tony, Terry with Spencer released their first LP album in 1978, produced by Reggie Verghese. The track listing included The Prisoner, The Chosen One, I Just Want To Be Your Everything, I Won't Move Over, Falling, Bad To Me, It's A Heartache, You've Got Your Troubles, Somethings Don't Come Easy, Best Of My Love, Bye Bye Love and Just A Song Before I Go.


Anonymous said...

My copy of this album was all scratched up before I could make a CD copy of it. Does anyone have a proper recording of this to sell to me? I'd love to get in touch with Tony and ask him to get this album into CD reprint too :)

If anyone can help, please email me at hardlok@gmail.com Thanks!

PaTRiCK Ho said...

Hi I am also looking for the songs in this album. Any chance please let me know too.