The first LP album released by The Quests. Tracklist included Instrumentally Western, You're Tellin' Lies , Look In My Eyes, Lengang Kangkong, She's The One, Drivin' Me Mad, Shadow Of Your Smile, Shanty, In A World Of Our Own, Honey House, Yang Di-Mana Satu, All My Sorrows, Please Try And Understand, My Favourite Things.

Two original compositions by S.A. Vinton of The Antartics - You're Tellin' Lies and In A World Of Our Own. The Quests tried abit of Country & Western with Reggie's Instrumentally Western.


Anonymous said...

This was my elder brother's favourite LP when it came out.
The Quests were great and their records used to play in my home when I was growing up and was in primary shool then.
Rgds Sonny Jay

Vernon Cheong said...

This album is a Collector's item now.