Elaine Kang

Elaine Kang was one of the most popular female singer in Malaysia during yesterdays. In 1991, a compilation of hits was released on CD that included tracks like To Sir With Love, Do Run Run, Outsider, Shakin' All Over, Rain And Tears, Let's Dance, Never In A Million Years, Bobby's Girl, Halfway To Paradise and Same Old Song.


JoeWuSeattleWaUSA said...

Hey, I’m a very shy dude, and I think I would have found Ms. Elaine Kang very intimidating if I had met her face to face. Especially when she looked like she’s ready to party, and I…, well, let’s just say I’m a very shy dude.

So, me being all tongue-tied and all, how could I find the words to tell her that I really like her recording of “To Sir With Love”? From late 1980’s? Great fusion of rap with one of the most well-known pop classics from the mid-60’s, Ms. Kang. Just a most impressive makeover to this song that now makes it sound so contemporary, so very today, baby. Why, this 42-year-old song doesn’t even look (sound?) her age at all.

OK, I only heard this song for the very first time in 2003, but even then I thought it sounded very modern and very today. I just love the energy this recording exerts.

Very good job on “To Sir With Love,” Ms. Kang.

But, no, Ms. Kang, if we are going out, you are NOT wearing that outfit!!!

Anonymous said...

i like to sir with love very much...first time i am listening to this version too, will this be rap fusion today...wow that means she is ahead of her time...???

thanks for the posting this...i love your blog..listening to the songs that you put up gives me a good feeling of the days gone by...thanks again.

i longed to listen to cold morning by the straydogs hope you can upload, thanks in advance...

robdelacruz said...

I've been looking for this rap version of To Sir With Love for more than a decade. Thanks for posting this! I've forgotten that the artist was Elaine Kang. The song was played on the radio here in the Philippines back in the early 90's.