The Strollers

The Strollers, featuring Michael Magness, Hussein Idris, Nand Kumar, Hassan Idris and Billy Chang. They were one of the hottest group in East Malaysia during the 60s. Their first LP titled "Waiting is..." included tracks like You're Gonna Make It, Silly Jokes, Bus Ride, Children, Fire, Please Don't Let Me Down, You, N.W.K., Maybe Tomorrow, My Girl, Do What You Gonna Do/Just As I Am. Some of their hits are available in a CD compilation released in Malaysia.


ThirdFinger said...

boss, im the kid who had know this band last year from the forum.
now i wrote this band in my blog.
can u tall me more about this band or sent the strollers song.
i hope so much.

Vernon Cheong said...

Hi Thirdfinger,

My apologies, I don't know too much about this Malaysian band except that they were one of the most popular groups in during that era. Their greatest hits were probably Just As I Am and Do What You Gonna Do. A compilation of their hits were released on CD in the year 2000, titled "The Strollers Collection". I believe you can still pick up a copy in one of the stores in Malaysia. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

More videos tribute to the Strollers of Malaysia here www.youtube.com/keithyoong

Anpu said...

boss, attended a function yesterday at local pub... band playing was Strollers-2. Only the drummer - think its Hassan idris- from the original band is still around. rest are different guys from the same era. music was good though. They and the Falcons play at a local pub called -The Old Skool_ in PJ.
cheers - Anpu

Vernon Cheong said...

Thanks for the great news, Anpu. That joint is a must for my next visit to KL. Keep in touch, pal.

Best Regards,

Oxiante said...

hey guys, I was a fan of the strollers in the 70s.I live in Melbourne now. I met Billy Chang in one of the nite clubs here. He gave me his card. Doing some business. I turfed his card off accidently. Perhaps, if we can get these guys together,with the exception of nand kumar, and get them to have a gig!
I see a lot of blogs but am unable to get in to reply. even on this one, I had to try several times.Await your comments.

Anonymous said...

They are one of the best band of their time . True band with self made style and flair