Western Union Band

The Western Union Band, featuring Chris Vadham, Danny Lim, Abel Gan, Peter Mangkok and Daniel Wee. Their first LP, produced by Reggie Verghese, included tracks like Howzat, Slipping Away, Movie Star, Wise Man, We All Fall In Love Sometimes, Needles & Pins, Come Together, Living Next Door To Alice, Nights Are Forever, First Cut Is The Deepest, Paper Roses Paper Dreams, Did You Boogie, Stand By Me & Sausolito. The second LP, managed by Jap Chong, offered tracks like Yesterday's Sorrow, When You Walk In The Room, You Keep Me Running, Free Me, Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You, Takin' Care Of Business, I've Got Love, You Are The Woman, Every Kinda Of People, How Can This Be Love, I Will Still Love You, I Can't Hold On & Dust In The Wind.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vernon,

Thanks for downloading my favourite Western Union Band song here. Sure brings back alot of fond memories from our early days.

As always,

Anonymous said...

hey do u knw where to buy their abums?

ps. Danny Lim is m dads friend(:
and am so happy to see that
WUB's music is appreciated


Vernon Cheong said...

EMI Singapore released their first LP on CD with songs like Sausolito, Paper Roses Paper Dreams, Living Next Door To Alice etc in 1996. Try your luck at some of the old vinyls stores. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

So happy to meet Abel today, and hear him playing keyboard in a music store.

Anonymous said...

Any one pls, upload Down by the river by Western union band on youtube.

puia ralte said...

hi guys any one who can upload or anyone who knows where to purchase this album
"western union band - we've got love"

i am from india