Happy New Year 2011 !

The Singapore Swimming Club held a New Year's Eve Ball on 31 December 2010 at their newly renovated ballroom. Entertainment for the glamorous event was provided by a 6-piece band featuring some of Singapore's best musicians - Ivor Lesslar (lead guitar), Jap Chong (rhythm guitar), David Low (bass guitar), Phillip Koh (drums) & Benson Goh (keyboards). Other top entertainers that ushered in the New Year together with the guests included Reim de Wolff (Blue Diamonds), Vernon Cornelius (Quests) and Jasmine Tye (Singapore Idol). It was an unforgetable evening of great entertainment, fun and joy, with Vernon rolling back the Cliff Richard years, Reim charming the guests with the Blue Diamonds' hit years and Jasmine reassuring us that the future of local pop music is in good hands and still vibrant. And of course there were fond memories of our 60s' hey days with members of the Quests (Jap & Vernon), Blackjacks (David & Phillip) and Cells Unlimited (Ivor Lesslar) showing their immense talents on stage. Thank you for the music and a great evening guys.........Cheers to 2011 !


Angela said...

Hi Vernon,

Just wondering if you know how to get in touch with one of the band members name Phillip Koh. Only if he is the same P.Koh from The Blackjacks that release the album "I Shall Be Released". He was a very close friend back in Hong Kong in the day and just wanted to touch base after all these years.


Vernon Cheong said...

Hi Angie,

I can assist. Please provide me your email address.


Lawrence said...

Hi Vernon & all readers
You seem firmilar with musicians and singers. I wonder if you could assist me to locate two Taiwanese sisters who sang in Singapore during early 1970s. They are my godsisters and I have lost touch with them. The oldest is known as Hsui Pei and through the grapevine, the younger one has married a Singaporean. I'm living in Gold Coast Australia and my email is musictou@gmail.com Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vernon,

A friend of mine just sent me some Singaporean oldies and it sure brings back lots of fond memories. I saw some reunion clips on YouTube and am wondering if there are more of those reunion concerts forthcoming as I would love to go. However as I now live in Australia, I would need ample notice. Can you keep me informed of future reunion concerts by our local artists. Thanks.