The 'Secret Lunch' of Old Friends!

A 'secret lunch' meeting was arranged and held on Thursday April 22, 2010 at Plaza Singapura, for a reunion of old good friends, "The QUESTS'" Reggie Verghese, Jap Chong, Lim Wee Guan & Vernon Cornelius, with Robert Suriya, Leader, Guitarist & Composer of "Naomi & the BOYS"!

They hadn't had such a gathering since the mid-1960s, when they frequently used to meet after concerts and gigs, at Clifford Pier Car Park stalls. Robert Suriya, a born-again Christian was in town on some business, and met up with his old buddies from "The QUESTS". Robert now lives in Guam with his family, and where he runs a successful business. He still writes and plays music, but now exclusively for the Christian Church.

Not wanting any publicity, and avoid distraction, they moved clandestinely from place to place, but was last seen at CARL's Jr outlet at B3 Plaza Singapura. However an enthusiastic fan recognized some of them, and this photo which was taken, has been circulating through emails, emerged!

And what did they talk about during the 3-hour meeting? You guessed it, they reminisced of the memorable times in the 1960s Music Scene.

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Anonymous said...

What a surprise to see Robert Suriya with The Quests. Can anyone here tell us what happened to Naomi & The Boys? They were one of the top groups from the 60s giving us great hits like Happy Happy Birthday Baby, It's All Over, I Know and many more. Thanks for keeping us informed about the activites of pop stars from the 60s. Great site to visit !