Christmas Wishes from The Quests !

Dear Fans,

Merry Christmas from The Quests comes with a log-cake specially designed by one of their fans HJ Teo in 2007. Members featured in the photo above from left to right were Jap Chong (leader of the band - rhythm guitarist), Samuel Toh (bass guitarist), Jimmy Chan (keyboards), Lim Wee Guan (drums), Reggie Verghese (lead guitarist extra-ordinary) & Vernon Cornelius (lead vocalist).


Andy Young* said...

Hi Vernon,
It's been a while since I wrote and note that your blog is getting bigger and better. Great work actually as only a lover of Sing60s music will do such a thing.

I am writing also to thank Joe from Seattle who wrote to me (blog) on the 15th November, commenting on The Crescendos' posting. If he reads this, thank you Joe. I didn't reply because I never had the gadget on Blogspot to remind me of Comments by readers. I have just replied to him today as I chanced his information.

He's a wonderful person, charitably giving with his website finds and contributing all the videos on You Tube with his fantastic collection.

Again, thank you both. For Sing60s music.
Cheers, Andy.

carina said...

Dear Vernon,

HJ Teo is a very artistic and talented person. Wasn't he the one who gave us "Rainbow Over Mocambo" as well. Thanks for sharing your talents with us HJ.

I can relate who are the respective Quests members in Santa's costumes except for Jap and Sam. Traditionally, Sam always stays away from the bright lights on stage. He's probably the one that's facing us in the picture. Reg, the gifted musician, must be the snowman - standing out among the best from the 60s !

A belated Merry Christmas to all Fans of Sing60s. I like this term, Andy - Sing60s. This year, we missed hearing from our good friend Joe Wu with his annual cheerful and interesting greetings for the regulars here. Hope all is well with you Dear Joe.

Peace & Love to all

Vernon Cheong said...

Hi Andy,

Thanks. You manage a great and interesting blog yourself. I enjoy visiting it periodically. There are quite a few good blogs on Spore60s in the Internet. Each of us have our old childhood dreams and memories from the past. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow Singapore sixties fans,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Keep looking out for more good things to come next year.


Rach said...

Dear Vernon,

There are 12 days in Christmas. Guess its not too late to Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Hoildays.

Thanks to Carina for reminding me of Rainbow Over Mocambo. Yes, we go back a long long way. As you've mentioned in the past, True friendship crosses time and distance.....mmmm.

I'm sorry you did not receive the traditional Christmas wishes this year. Well, you still have good wishes from us. Thanks for a good year and please keep blogging here.

Always your friend,
Rachael Ann-Tan

Vernon Cheong said...

Hi Ms Alexis,

Thank you for your note. Please provide me your contact details and I will arrange for the appropriate person to be in touch with you, as requested.