Recollecting Singapore 60s.

EMI & Warner Music has recently re-issued the two Recollecting Singapore 60s albums that were orginally released in 2007. This double CD set is a compilation of 40 tracks by local and regional artistes from the 60s & 70s who recorded under the EMI label.

The artistes featured include The Quests, The Sundowners & The Tornados, The Blackjacks, Matthew & The Mandarins, The Surfers, Asha Puthli, Rita Chao, The Xperiment, Sarah Chen, Straydogs, Frankie Cheah, The New Topnotes, Sugiman Jahuri, Sakura Teng, Pietro Attila & The Warlocks, Tony & Terry, Tania, Western Union Band, Anita Sarawak and Lam Leng.

For those who missed out on these two CDs the first time round, this is a good opportunity to pick them up before its too late. There is also the added bonus of four Christmas songs by The Quests. Something from the past, and yet another collector's item. Cheers to local music from the 60s & 70s !


Anonymous said...

I like the design of the cover ! Hey Vernon, why don't you touch base with Warner Music and work on EMI's Greatest 100 or even a Quests Anthology of their past recordings plus Rita & Sakura. With your collection of local music, I'm sure there are sufficient stuff to make a couple of good local releases. Competition breeds quality and choice for consumers like us.

Thank you.

Jet Jon

Anonymous said...

Can someone provide us with the full details of tracks on this CD compilation ? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Monique,

Since you ask, here is the full tracklist:-

CD 1
1. Malaysia Wonderful - The Sundowners & Tornados
2. I Shall Be Released - The Blackjacks
3. Answer Me - The Surfers
4. Let's Put The Sing In Singapore - Matthew & The Mandarins
5. Sound Of Silence - Asha Puthli & The Surfers
6. He's Untrue - Rita Chao & The Quests
7. Hot Pants - The X'periment
8. Menari Dengan Mu - The Quests
9. Hold Me Now - Sarah Chen
10. Cold Morning - The Straydogs
11. Woman In My Life - Frankie Cheah
12. Crying In The Rain - Rita Chao & The Quests
13. This Girl Has Turned Into A Woman - The New Topnotes
14. If You Go Away - Sugiman Jahuri
15. Something In The Air - Pietro Attila & The Warlocks.
16. Boom Boom - Sakura & The Quests
17. Bad To Me - Tony & Terry
18. Politican Song - Tania
19. Jingle Bells/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - The Quests
20. White Christmas/We Wish You A Merry Christmas - The Quests

CD 2
1. Hawaii 5-0 - The Quests
2. Hooray For Hazel - The Surfers
3. Dust In The Wind - The Western Union Band
4. Mustafa - Anita Sarawak
5. Under The Boardwalk - Lam Leng & The Quests
6. Diamonds & Rust - Sarah Chen
7. Singapore Cowboy - Matthew & The Mandarins
8. Una Sena Di-Tokyo - Rita & Sakura
9. My Special Angel- The Blackjacks
10. Sixteen Candles - Rita Chao & The Quests
11. Satisfaction Guaranteed - The X'periment
12. Aku Kechawa - Sakura & The Quests
13. I Won't Move Over - Tony & Terry
14. Windflowers - The New Topnotes
15. Freedom - The Straydogs
16. I Feel Fine - Lam Leng & The Quests
17. I Really Don't Want To Know - Matthew Tan & Sarah Chen
18. That's The One For Me - The Sundowners & Tornados
19. Honesty - Tania
20. New Year Song - Rita & Sakura

Enjoy the good music from EMI.

Jet Jon

Anonymous said...

Think its a great idea to get Warner Music to release a box set of CDs by local artists who recorded with EMI during the 60s. I have yet to see any release by groups like The Antartics, The Starlights, The McCoys, Julie Sudiro, Cynthia Lau, Tina Dahari, all popular EMI recording artists.

As for The Quests, an anthology which includes all artists who had recorded with them would be attractive, Rita, Sakura, Lam Leng, Suyin, Tina, Fatimah Ismail etc. Even a re-issue of all their hits sounds good because their earlier CD releases are no longer available in the market.


Anonymous said...

"hey, all you good people out there! this is jeremyh star of the rock and soul hit music show."

this was the cheerful introduction by the dj every sunday at 9:00 a.m. on radio malaysia's rangkaian biru back in the mid-1970s.

(incidentally, jeremyh star was actually jay shotam of the october cherries.)

i used to spend the whole sunday morning listening to radio malaysia's rangkaian biru. the program was as follows:

9:00 rock and soul hit music show (with jeremyh star)
10:00 fantastic facts and fancies (with constance haslam)
10:30 the young world
11:00 the cool and swinging show (with patrick teoh)
11:30 dunia muzik WEA (with nor nikman dadahmeah)
12:00 RM Playhouse
12:30 interlude
12:45 star-galaxie radio show (with hennessey lee)
1:30 news
1:45 interlude
2:00 your record shop (with paul cheong)

does anybody remember those good old days?

i am now 50 years old and i miss those days.

my kids will be going to college soon and they really don't know what it's like listening to AM radio.

Anonymous said...

This is the 3rd version of Recollecting Singapore 60s. The previous were issued by EMI & eq Music. The cover design of the latest version is the best and it is the reason I bought it even I have both the earlier version.

Hopefully with Warner's involvement with EMI we will see more of songs by our singers & bands from the EMI label that are as yet to be released on cd.

Perhaps EMI/Warner can start with a re-issuance of the all instrumental album "The Best Of Quests". Only this time make it an updated version to include all the instrumental tunes they have recorded.



Anonymous said...

Now that Warner Music has joined the competition on reproduction of local music, I suggest they also consider re-issuing some of the earlier local CDs released by EMI that featured groups like The Western Union Band, Rita Chao, Sakura Teng, Anita Sarawak, Francis Yip, Tracy Huang and The Quests recollecting series. Its near impossible to purchase any of the above titles now. Tks.


Rach said...

Like Tian, I am also attracted by the design of the cover, one of the best I've seen for a local CD. Sprucing up the beautiful design is a great photo of my favourite group, The Quests, so prominently featured in the centre of the cover. I think this photo was taken during their Hong Kong days, Sam Toh, Wee Guan, Reggie, Vernon, Jap Chong and Jimmy Chan...those were the days. The others featured on the cover were Anita Sarawak, The Straydogs, Sakura Teng, Rita Chao & Matthew and The Mandarins, some of the best from that era. A great selection of songs by the blog author here. Thank you.


Serene said...

Did I heard it right that this album has already been released on three separate occasions with the SAME compilation of songs as the original package?

Ghee whiz, why are these good people wasting their time and effort in releasing the same old songs over and over again? If they are so "hot" on local music, then they should follow the good work of Universal Music and produce a brand new package of CDs with the Greatest EMI aka Warner Music hits from Singapore 60s.

Hey, you good guys at Warner, please pick up the phone or send a mail to the Guru Joseph Pereira or even Vernon Cheong and I'm sure these two noble supporters of local music will be most glad to assist with their collection of golden oldies.

Time and tide waits for no man, hit while the iron is hot! Joe has curved out the path for the revival of local music from the 60s, all we need now is someone to lead the charge back into those glorious years. I'm sure fans are waiting anxiously for more releases as a follow-up to the Greatest 100 Singapore 60s from Universal - thanks to Guru Joe! Keep the music alive ! Regards.

Serene Jie

Anonymous said...

Without saying too much something is brewing.


Anonymous said...

How true it is..."A Picture Is Better Than A Thousand Words". Warner Music has got the plot right with one of the best cover designs for a local CD. I read with interest that some fans here have purchased the CD because of the cover design. I must admit that I am also impressed with the design, well done ! Ta !


Anonymous said...

Hello Vernon,

I enjoyed listening to Singapura by Sandra over and over again. Sure brings me back to my kampong days with blowing leaves of coconut and palm trees around. This is probable "THE" song that most of us who grew up in the 60s can relate with for our beloved Singapore.

Sandra was quite popular then, ranks along with Anneke Gronloh and The Blues Diamonds, products of Indonesia/Holland originals. She also prodcued a few other popular hits like Kopi Susu, Kapal Ladju, Nona Nona Zamang Sekarang, Stambul Bunga Mawar, plus a few other albums in Malay. Thanks for including Singapura here.


Anonymous said...

Friends, Let's not forget "OH MALAYSIA" by the elegant Ms Anneke Gronloh. This Goddess of the Far East is still holding regular concerts in Europe and releasing albums in various languages from Bahasa Indonesia to Dutch, English, Spanish and much more. Together with Sandra & Blue Diamonds, they were the Pioneers of Indo-Rock from the 60s.


Laila said...

There are sufficient traditional folk songs (short of a better word) to compile an album as a "Tribute To Singapura/Malaysia".

From The Crescendos we have Waktu Fajar, Besame Mucho, Bengawan Solo, Lenggang Kangkong ; from Boy & His Rollin' Kids we have Midnight In Malaya & Sunrise In Malaysia ; from The Quests will have Yang Di-Man Satu, Lenggang Kangkong, Sunny, Chinta-Ku Juah, Menari Dengan Mu, Aku Kambali Lagi, and when we include the treasures from Anneke Gronloh and Sandra, the sky is the limit !

Others who may also be considered are Ernie Djohan, Rosnah & Siglap Five, Les Kafilas, Ahmad Daud, Kassim Salamat & Shallows, Kathina Dahari, Julio Sudiro etc. Have anyone ever consider compiling such an album ? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, this re-issued CD is well distributed along with Universal's Greatest 100 in most of the CD shops I frequented. Glad that local music from EMI is still alive.


Anonymous said...

Good thinking of Warner Music to ride on the tide of the recent resurgence of local music, thanks to Joe Pereira and Universal. This was a marvellous compilation of the "who was who" in the local music arena under EMI Singapore.


Anonymous said...

OK, the inevitable question: where can a US buyer get this and the new release "Treasures from the Vaults"? Popular Bookstore doesn't carry either of them, it seems.

Jane said...

To the interested US buyer.... You can buy the "Treasures from the Vaults" CDs from the Gramaphone stores.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever heard of or remember a group called "The Lions" led by Ricky Ho with band members ... Alan Ang, Ramli Shariff, Jimmy Lee & Othman Ibrahim. They could have been on the S'pore scene in the 70's and I still have an LP of theirs named "Tender Is The Night" featuring the old classics like Bangawan Solo, Nina Bobo, Sapu Tangan, etc.

I am still trying to convert, digitize & burn the LP on a CD. Would be nice to hear some feedback.

Dr Steve said...

Hi Vernon, love your blog!
I grew up in Spore in the 70s, now in Australia. Mum was a big Matthew Tan fan but I'm more of an October Cherries guy!
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

hello! i enjoy reading your blog. it brings back fond memories of my days in malaysia and singapore.

i was living in malaysia (1971 to 1973) and singapore (1973 to 1975). i started in 7th grade (Form 1) in 1971 and studied through 12th grade (Form 6) in 1976. my father was teaching at the US International School in KL and then singapore. i went back to the US in 1976 for good. i visited in 1978, 1981 and then in 2006.

i was really into the local music. i remember frankie cheah's "woman in my life" and "my name is the wind." i also like the october cherries, the strollers, and the western union band.

Rudy Djoe said...


Looking forward for for Sugiman's Woman Woman